RambaldiResidence 2016

Artist-in-Residence-Program for international artists

3rd resident: Valérie Sonnier (June-July 2016)

Valérie Sonnier

As the 3rd resident, the French artist Valérie Sonnier (*1967, lives and works in Paris) spends June and July 2016 in Munich. She studied Fine Art at École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, where she has been professor for drawing and morphology since 2003.


For the Open Studio at Alte Wiede-Fabrik she is showing two photographs as well as a video installation with four short films. Valérie Sonnier developed her own artistic multimedia technique using drawing, painting, photography and super 8 film. She links together intimate memories, childhood, presence and absence. Starting from personal memories she is creating a kind of time travel, to evoke own associations in the exhibition visitor regarding last moments and the own childhood.

In the beginning of her artistic career she was working on drawings showing the adventures of a tiny wood cart and other toys. Each series consists of about 10 drawings, realized on the pages of old accounting books. Valérie Sonnier uses this kind of paper a lot, as it symbolizes the countability of the days, the merciless passing time.

Le jardin - L’été I, 1993-2016, Videofilm 8mm, ca. 7 min.

The exhibited four video works (each ca. 7 mins) build up to the story of the tiny wood cart. Based on its perspective the camera starts a shaky journey through the garden of Valérie Sonnier’s childhood, searching for her earliest memories. The artist was filming with super 8 technique to come closer to the image quality of nonprofessional films, like her grandmother used to do them and to underscore the character of memory. From dusk till dawn the viewer can see the garden in changing seasons. These newer film recordings are combined with old, short film sequencens of Valérie Sonnier’s childhood.

As a starting point for those time travels the artist is not only choosing the house of her own childhhod, but also an old rose garden in l'Haÿ les Roses or the Badeschloss in Bad Gastein, Austria, a now abandoned former Grandhotel. From the latter there are two film stills exhibited, showing a ghost from the past haunting through the vacant villa.


Installation views, RambaldiResidence Munich, 2016:

Sponsor RambaldiResidence 2016: Christoph and Stephan Kaske Foundation

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