RambaldiResidence 2016

Artist-in-Residence-Program for international artists

2nd resident: Viviane Gernaert (March-April 2016)

Viviane Gernaert

Viviane Gernaert (*1976 in Munich, lives and works in Hamburg) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg, Germany. Since graduating in 2007 she works as an artist and her work has been included in numerous exhibitions. Her sculptures and drawings form part of various private collections. Since 2011 Viviane Gernaert is also teaching at the Academy on Fine Arts in Hamburg. As the 2nd resident she spent March and April 2016 in Munich.

The works of Viviane Gernaert relate to contemporary movies. She focuses on staged fights and the aesthetic representation of violence. Her characters made out of fixed tissues are snapshots and represent a crucial moment of the filmic basis. If you take a closer look at them they seem so aesthetic that any moment of violence, fight and brutality disappears. The focus lies on the ambivalent relation between art, aesthetics and violence.

The artist meets the challenges to capture the rapidity of combative actions within a sculpture. Her objects are not clearly defined but characterized through instability and frailty of an unfinished plot. Because of these facts they suggest the before and after in time and disarm the spectator by their dynamic rigidity.

Installation views, RambaldiResidence Munich, 2016:

Sponsor RambaldiResidence 2016: Christoph and Stephan Kaske Foundation

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