RambaldiResidence 2016

Artist-in-Residence-Program for international artists

1st resident: Anastasia Ax (January-February 2016)

Anastasia Ax

Anastasia Ax (*1979 in Stockholm, lives and works in Athens and Stockholm) studied at Royal Collage of Art, Stockholm, at Sweden School of Photography, Göteborg, at Sweden Valand, Göteborg as well as at the Royal Danish Art Academy, Copenhagen. In 2015 she won the International Faber-Castell Award for Drawing. As the first resident of RambaldiResidence she spent January and February 2016 in Munich to work on her new series of A4 sculptures.

Anastasia Ax’ works are characterized by an explosive and complex fusion between sculpture, drawing, physical actions, installation and sound. She is inspired by the idea of construction/deconstruction and the countervailing forces released due to and as well before, during and after the process. Her artistic practice is focused on a transforming process, the visceral and emancipated energy explore and represent the circularity of life. Paper, plaster and ink reveal their twofold nature as natural materials and further on as symbols of our intellectual culture as well as creative means. The audience is invited to emphasize the experience of her artistic views by participating, altering the work by leaving marks and traces.

During her residence in Munich Anastasia Ax developed a new sculpture series made of A4 paper called „Blank Slate“ and continued her ongoing series „The World As Of Yesterday“. Ax is interested in paper because of its double nature: when reading on paper, it is not only a tool for communication and expression but also for archiving and collecting information. On the other side, it is also a living entity. The series of A4 sculptures made of paper is a continuation of „The World As Of Yesterday“, dealing with systemized and organized structures. Ax uses water to slowly start digging with her hands in A4 stacks of paper, like a contemporary archaeologist.

The sorted, precisely cut paper is transformed into an organic, mashed shape, each sculpture showing a different state of digging into the material. It is very much the aspect of interfering a norm and a given structure, what Ax is interested in and also creating somehow a chaotic possibitliy for reading, that is new to the audience. It can also be read as digging for the truth, digging for understanding. In her artistic practice Anastasia Ax interupts the stable and organized from, to create new situations where new meaning is tranformed and created. It is not only the white paper, but also the package design of the different paper manufacturer, she is visually attratced in chosing the paper to work with.

The second part of the presentation showed a room full of different paper in different forms: once more paper takes a leading role in Anastasia Ax's performative installations. Here she uses paper from a Munich paper recycling company: private paper, office paper, advertising, from full pages up to shredded, almost unreadable material. In this space there was an ongoing life-reading-performance during the exhibition. The audience was welcome to participate and to activate the space with reading. Oral tradition has always been repeating and embodied the past, which is not usual any more nowadays. These shreds supposedly destroyed, return all of a sudden to daylight, making us wondering about personal integrity, data protection and ownership.


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