Art Collections

Lars Breuer, Autotelic Purity, 2015, 258 x 434 cm (Museum für Konkrete Kunst Ingolstadt 2015)

Besides working on curatorial projects, Anna Wondrak has specialized in consulting and supporting art collections during the last years. Currently she is working with several private collections in Germany and Belgium. This collaboration ranges from the professional art-historical reprocessing and inventory of the collection, up to the personal consultation for the development of the collection and realization of exhibition projects and publications.

Selected Services


  • consultation on developing and establishing an individual art collection
  • consultation on purchasing and selling works of art
  • progression and materialization of temporary or permanent exhibitions for private collectors or companies
  • exhibition tours for clients and employees
  • commissioning firm-specific works of art for companies
  • general administration, management and support of art collections:
    • inventory / database maintenance
    • photographic documentation
    • art history and provenance research
    • artist texts, biographies
    • public relations, supervision of collection publications
    • artist and artwork research
    • placement of conservational maintenance
    • inventory of decedent´s estates


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